Trading Steps of Turkey Buying Office

Buyer Request:

Send us your request to make purchases from Turkey form containing information

Information about the product (more details will guide you to the most suitable supplier)

“Send a clear picture of definition of the product" (via e-mail or live chat)

Specify the approximate number of annual possible purchases (high purchase amount helps you avoid low-level suppliers)

Finding products by target price and specify it. (We can always supply quality products at the best prices)

Order Quantity (we will try to persuade suppliers to accept minimum amount of orders)

If you would like to, we can direct you to producers in Turkey. TBO can meet you and can provide with everything you need here.

Chauffeured Vehicle Allocation, Use of Toll Roads, Budget Hotels and of course great Turkish Food (please ask for pricing)

Factory Selection:

After a thorough research for the best possible manufacturer, the decision will be reached. You may encounter many problems such as exact number of products, acceptance of orders, shipping problems.

Instead of working with only one factory for your order, we can offer you more alternatives.

Sample Test Product:

I advise you to come to Turkey before you purchase bulk orders and violence must sample!

No matter how good the quotation and specification are, sample testing is the most important thing before bulk orders.

We will try to convience factories to offer free samples, but payment for samples will help you make more use of bulk orders.


How to ensure timely delivery of bulk orders?

The products you order are always the main products of the selected factory.

Factories that focus on some fewer products have better delivery process than factories that produce various products.

As your order grows, you do not need to hesitate about the delivery time.

Order Confirmation:

The rules below are our suggestions for you. The final decision will always be made by you.

All manufacturers with samples must be considered.

All conditions such as price, quality, quantity, delivery time, term, minimum quantity must be taken into consideration.

We'll negotiate with all the qualified factories on your behalf.


You can secure your exports with State Bank of the Republic of Turkey and official institutions.

Payment will be made after on-site inspection of the goods, you can send your money 100% safe.