Frequently Asked Questions When You Make Trade With Turkish Companies

Can I get in touch after making an appointment?
After the appointment process, you will be notified by Turkey Buying Office via e-mail. Furthermore, TBO workers will make a contact with you.
How will I be met by the Buying Office?
Once you are picked up at the airport from which you will land, the Turkey Buying
How will I make contact with companies in Turkey?
Turkey Buying Office employees will meet you with pre-talked and arranged companies on a designated day.
What are the payment options?
You can pay by credit card or cash. Turkey Buying Office is contracted with the banks
Which currency can be payed?
You can pay in US dollars, Euros or Turkish Lira. You can use the currency, which
TBO Does Give Safety To Customer?
TBO has believed in sincerity and open-heartedness from the very first day it started. We believe
Will I pay an additional fee to TBO when I arrive
If you have any additional requests other than those that are met by TBO, they will be covered by you. TBO will take action to be sure you have everything you need, but fee is from you.
How many days does it reach me after my first email?
TBO promises to reach its customers on the day the mail is sent. TBO personnel is working 7/24, so when you send a message via e-mail or/and WhatsApp, our personnel will be in contact with you.
If i arrive to Turkey, will i need Turkish phone number?
Customers will not need to use the Turkish phone number, but if they want, the cheapest and fastest operator can be understood on their behalf.
Can I send someone else instead of myself to Turkey?
The person to be met may be another person in that company, but it is also important to have all the necessary information available to the TBO.
Can i meet with every company in my field via TBO?
After delivering to us what field you want to work with, we promise to meet you with every company.