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We stand for trust, comfort, and fun in furnishing. We share the need for a beautiful home with our customers. Like we share the need for beauty with you, you can share our beautiful home furniture and accessories with your customers via us.

For us, style is not a question of money. No matter whether you like it modern or traditional, we can provide it to you. We supplement our extensive selection with first-class customer service, fast and without an issue import. Turkey Buying Office is always open to new customers and new continents.

We want to make your everyday life easier and more beautiful. Whether you want to make your home more practical, more individual, or new, we are the right contact for you. Or you can choose that practical, individual and new way for your own customers.

Everyone deserves a better way to find beautiful furnishings. Why? Because a unique vision requires meticulously crafted, envy-inducing pieces – and because life’s too short for ordinary. We are moving our road with that philosophy.

So we set out to reveal an undiscovered world of luxury. So We’ve combined our passion for technology with our passion for quality design to pioneer a new era in shopping for extraordinary furnishings as a Turkish company via TBO.

With an expert team and an innovative platform, we created an unprecedented online collection of design-world brands. Now, there’s no limit to what you can create.

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Concept Manufacturing - All Colors and Sizes Can Be Manufactured

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Unit Manufacturing - All Colors and Sizes Can Be Manufactured

As Turkish furniture companies, we have a commitment to timeless, distinguished home furnishings that make every day elegant. We’ve held to an ideal of comfort and refinement in every piece put forth by our family of brands. Our furniture and accessories are designed for spaces people call home—spaces that are real, relaxed, and refined.

With a variety of collections rooted in uncomplicated luxury, our furniture nestles nicely into diverse interiors. Rooms furnished with Standard-fill everyday living with elegance and ease. That's a standard that’s always in style.

We create chairs, tables, and furnishings for community, work, and home. We’re motivated by relationships: between products and spaces, spaces and people, people, and their networks.

We frame everything; our soft, essential design sensibility, our direct and personalized service, our organizational and corporate policies, our global brand identity. We are motivated in terms of human values.

Chair and Chair Set Manufacturing - All Colors and Sizes Can Be Manufactured

Wardrobe and Bread Bin Manufacturing - All Colors and Sizes Can Be Manufactured

Every part of the product development process—from design to production to long-term impact—is carefully considered, bringing function, aesthetic, detail together in elegant resolution by us.

We are a Turkish manufacturer that offers furniture, and home decoration collections in the contemporary design style, which represents a special refined mixture of modern elements, pure design, and harmonious proportions. We have a wide range of unique product lines, which include Cabinets, Tables & Desks, Sofas & Chairs, Concepts, Zigons, Units, and many more. Our collection is selected with great care, based on authentic furniture and accessories, always with an eye for detail and quality.

All of our products are made by outstanding craftsmen that have the necessary know-how and skills for creating and building high-quality products. We are a trustworthy manufacturer supplying varied, high-endurance, international furniture collections.

Turkey’s furniture sector remains resilient amid the coronavirus pandemic, with businesses thriving amid lockdowns and continuing to make investments. This year the sector could grow 5% due to investments in online sales channels and resuming furniture exports in the normalization period after the pandemic's peak, the head of the Furniture Industry Businessmen's Association told Anadolu Agency.

Turkey's furniture sector, which sells goods to nearly 200 countries and regions, has set a target of $4.5 billion in exports, an official told state-run Anadolu Agency.

There have been no interruptions in investment plans in the sector due to the pandemic and some firms even opened new branches, he highlighted. The Turkish furniture sector has the capacity for fast, quality production and to export its products to several countries.

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